About Us


After the war the building was placed in the hands of Trustees who opened Allhallows Museum  to the public for the first time on 13th November 1946.

Allhallows Museum is registered museum and a charity (no 306645) which is run entirely by volunteers.  We all work to preserve the heritage of the people of Honiton and its surrounding district and collect, conserve and display items which show how our ancestors used to live.

Our museum building is the oldest in Honiton with an interesting history. It started its life as a chapel and documents show that it existed before 1327. In the 16th century we know there was a school meeting in the chapel, probably to teach choirboys to sing in Latin and to read and write.

The chapel was partly demolished to make room for the building of St Paul’s Church. It then became a schoolroom for Allhallows Grammar School until 1903 when it was changed back into a chapel as a memorial to ex-pupils who died in the South African Boer War. In 1938 Allhallows School left its ancient home in Honiton and moved to Rousdon. The building became an ARP first aid post throughout the war.